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21 January 2011

Framed Red Flower Photo - Tropical Beauty

It was a warm summer day when I took this photograph of a coral red hibiscus. The bushy plant with dark waxy leaves was peppered with beautiful blossoms that day. The flowers only last for a day before they shrivel and drop, but their short life is brilliant. My hibiscus lives inside now as it would not survive the bitter cold Colorado winter. It musters up one little pale blossom occasionally. But I know that this summer it will burst forth in all its beauty once again.

Tropical Beauty Frame Display 2

My Colorado photography studio is featuring a one of a kind double matted and framed photo of a luscious coral red tropical hibiscus on a dark background.

Tropical Beauty Frame Display 1

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  1. what a beautiful hibiscus. it's a shame it lasts only a short while. hope all is well. have a great day.

  2. julie, that hibiscus looks classy in the black frame!. wow the color pops!.

  3. Stunning hibiscus! One of my favorite flowers!

  4. Julie, the photo looks fantastic matted and framed this way. Best wishes and peace, Judi

  5. I have just awarded you with the "The Stylish Blogger Award". Follow this link to my blog to read all about it! :D

  6. Thank you everyone! I am happy you like the framing of my hibiscus photo.

    Mersad, thanks so much for the honor! I am touched to be awarded and in such great company. Thanks again for following my work!

  7. This picture would brighten up any room, roll on summer.

  8. Just beautiful. Looks great framed too!


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