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20 July 2009

Thank You Swirly Girl!

I had a wonderful surprise waiting in my mailbox this weekend. I received this package of gorgeous cards from MadeBySwirlyGirl! Each one is beautifully crafted and a unique design. What I really love about each one is the originality and brilliant colors. A computer screen just does not convey the bright and clear colors! Please visit her shop on Etsy to see all of her lovingly handmade cards and photo art.

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  1. I'm so touched that you felt moved to blog about my cards, Julie! Thank you so much--I'm glad that you are so happy with them!

  2. They are stunning on my computer!

  3. Luck you! What a gorgeous looking set of cards!

  4. woah, those are fantastic...going to visit her shop, yay!

  5. A gorgeous selection, for sure!

  6. Those are wonderful cards! What a great surprise!


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