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01 December 2008

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  Welcome to my blog!
Colorado fine art photography featuring life and nature in the American West.

 I moved to Colorado more than 20 years ago and have always been an avid outdoors enthusiast. In 1999 I moved to a house we built in the forest of the Rocky Mountains where we lived off grid with solar power, well water, and cliff hanging dirt roads for twelve years. It was a unique experience that connected me to my environment in a very personal way and definitely influenced my work.

Our Rocky Mountain off grid home.

Many of my photographs were shot in this personal environment where I once lived. Colorado has so many wonderful opportunities for shooting photography. I have also traveled extensively in America's West shooting the Pacific Northwest, red rock canyons of the Four Corners, and the California coast.

My idea of fun!  I'm shooting Spider Rock in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

Besides my passion for photography, I love traveling, hiking in the mountain forests, reading, and sharing my life with my husband, daughter and two dogs.

Steller's Ridge Snow - Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter - January 2013

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She's a Rainbow Photography Book
Still: The Art of Living Photography Book 

University of Denver, Department of Athletics
Sierra Club, Daily Ray of Hope
ChildSafe, Fort Collins, CO
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For eight years my work was featured in a regular online column, The Colorado Journal, in The Denver Post.

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This blog is dedicated to all the people that have encouraged me to capture with my photography the beauty that can be found in the world around us. Please feel free to comment and give me your opinions. Enjoy!

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  1. I love the photography! Hope I'm as good as you someday!

  2. I love the photography! Yvonne

  3. Amazing photographs Julie. Congratulations.

  4. Amazing photography and great blog. My little blog will never get to "celebrity status". I just waffle on about random nothingness. Congrats to you tho!

  5. Clean, crisp, and delicious...good enough to eat. I really love your work. Sets a new standard for me.

  6. Nice to know that someone can find some beauty in the creativity of the human spirit as you put it.Only thing i found to be of beauty was your picture with your dog's.I admire you for living off grid.

  7. Your Pictures are absolutly amazing and how far you go to capture the beauty in life that people seem to busy to slow down and just take in the wonder of life. Iam expired by your work.
    I want to soon be a photograher, im only 17 but it is already my passion!


  8. Wow, thank you, I like your work very much

  9. Thank you for looking at my Profile Page. I am humbled at the kindness of my commenters! Thanks!

  10. amazing photographer and wonderful person :)


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