Colorado Photography of the American West

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31 January 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery

Starting today I am going to feature a series of photos with a common theme every Sunday Morning. I'll start off with three very different photos but all examples of architecture. This one is for you Dad.

26 January 2009

Shambhala Part 1

September of last year I was privileged to be invited to the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The folks there were gracious and gave us a tour that included the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya. Just before we got to the stupa the sky turned dark and threatening and my heart sunk. But even though the Colorado blue sky was absent what the camera captured was even better. It is amazing that this building is entirely built with volunteer labor. It is so beautiful and a marvel to behold the craftsmanship. Come back for part 2 when I go inside the beautiful stupa.

21 January 2009

Back Alley

Some people enjoy walking the streets and shopping in a tourist town but I find myself wandering through alleys and looking at the seamy but sometimes beautiful side of the buildings. You never know what you might find, like a door perched high above the alley for an unknown purpose.

16 January 2009

Home on the Range

The day was cold but bright so we decided to go for a walk. As we headed down the snow packed, narrow and steep road we rounded the corner to see the renegades. That is the cows that had escaped the fall roundup. There were only a few of the ladies left. They will not elude the cowboys for long though. To leave them would mean their demise. So the cowboys came back, the cows were rounded up, and the last of the renegades were shuttled off to their winter barn.

12 January 2009

Crazy Horse

The day was sunny but cold and windy. My camera in hand I came around the corner of an old restored brick building in the center of Old Town Fort Collins and there he was in his splendid coat of colors. Crazy Horse!

07 January 2009

Chasing Bunnies

Snow, tracks, sunlight, sniff, sniff, ah.... BUNNIES!

06 January 2009

Neighbor in the PInes

It was a dark and snowy day for a walk. I didn't expect to find anything to shoot in the low light. And then around the corner there was my neighbors house seeming to glow in the gloom.