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26 October 2013

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Band of Brothers, Animal Photography, Colorado

This Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep "band of brothers" was photographed in the now closed Big Thompson Canyon east of Estes Park, Colorado, due to the devastating floods which occurred this past September 2013. When I shot this photo they were next to the highway wanting to cross but confused by the traffic and people stopping. I like to think that for the next several months to a year my inconvenience at not having access to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park will be rewarded because the wildlife of the canyon, including this wild band of bighorns, have reclaimed their canyon home for a time. It makes me happy.

Big Thompson Canyon, near Estes Park, Colorado, USA
Printed in the USA - ©Julie Magers Soulen

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  1. absolutely stunning!, the detail, contrast and framing of the 3 are spot on!.

  2. This is really quite stunning, Julie.

  3. So happy you like it! Thanks!

  4. They are beautiful. Hope the area will recover fully from the floods.

    1. The land will heal Pam. The missing highway not so much! LOL Thanks for your visits!

  5. Thinking of your sweet soul Julie.


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