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22 September 2009

Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle - Part 2

As promised in my earlier post on Olympic Sculpture Park, here are a few more photos from our walk in the park. Tell me what you think. I love hearing from you!

colorful young boy riding bike at Olympic Sculpture Park

black and white zig zag stairway at Olympic Sculpture Park

colorful walkway bridge at Olympic Sculpture Park

Olympic Sculpture Park and Seattle Space Needle
Forgive me for this one. I just couldn't resist!

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  1. oh my..the sculpture is naked!

    From me to you, suejean =)

  2. i absolutely love b&w photos...these are lovely. i especially love the second one.

  3. love them julie!
    and the pop of color with the child on the bike is fab!

    dig the last shot too! :)

  4. I really like the 3rd photo. There is something about it. It is the art within the art I think. I'm enjoying your work very much.

  5. Thanks for the follow. IDK if you checked out my photos from Griffis Sculpture Park, but I bet you would have a blast taking photos there (over 200 sculptures). The stairs remind me of a Highton-Ridley photo. I love the boy on the bike and I think his mom & dad would be thrilled to have that photo, because I'd love to have one like that of my grandson.

  6. the statue makes me think of Moses parting the sea. i'm quite certain that isn't what that represents but the image sort of stuck in my head. hope all is well. have a great night.

    thanks for the visit to my blog.

  7. Julie,
    These are just first rate. Lovely compositions and just enough color where it means something! And you have a fabulous pictorial sense of humor! The boy holding up the space needle? ... I love them all. These are winners. Clearly.

  8. The child on the bike is fabulous with the pop of color against the concrete! And the last one, hee hee!

  9. Great pics. Congrats on making the blogs of note list.
    Swing by and check out my blog sometime at

  10. The best about the first picture is its black & white plus color combination.

    And when I watch the last picture I can see angels dancing - watch the water carefully.

    Great pictures - I say.

  11. Oh wow! You're really making me miss Seattle with your beautiful photos!
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Nice Pictures.....

    I wish I have the means to also produce great pictures....

    I like your post as well as you pictures.

    Thanks for sharing that to me.

    Thanks and good work..

    I hope you can share more pictures with me.

    Thanks and take care.

  13. The picture with the boy on the bicycle grabbed me as soon as I opened the page. Part of it is the spark of color against the gray setting. But the dramatic perspective is also captivating. Fantastic shot!

  14. There's nothing new for me to say; the others have said it so well!
    If I keep studying your photos, I can probably learn a lot. Gotta get out and get a decent camera.
    Any recommendations?

  15. These are WONDERFUL, Julie! I've spent some time in Seattle and this reminds me why I love it so much and can't wait to return.

  16. Julie these are all wonderful love the first one and last image of boy holding up the needle. Did you get to ride the underground train.. oh that was incredible.. the art in the subway was amazing!!
    thanks for stopping into my blog as well!

  17. WoW, great shots. I need lessons, you available?

    I have used my trusty 35mm with all the lenses bells and whistles for 36 years and this Mother's Day my kids bought me a digital camera so I could put pics on the blog easier and enter our century. Although I am rather proud of the spider web pic I have on my blog, I have volumes to learn. I trash more pics than I keep and I'm not use to that. I tend to be a perfectionist.

    Kudos to you and have a wonderful day!!!

  18. We like them Julie, and of course the great setting of Seattle, one of our fav cities.
    Well done

    The team at

  19. All the pictures looks great. The first one is excellent. The boy on the bike. Thanks

  20. Wow. I love them all, especially the second one- the diagonal lines really make you look all around. Excellent :)

  21. I love your photography the vibrancy of the photographs are amazing :D

  22. You have a very nice blog Julie, great slide show!

  23. Great shots! I especially love the stairs!

  24. I love the picture of the little boy ridign his bike. Super photo!

  25. absolutely love this picture. i think it should be a postcard!!!


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