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18 November 2009

Inspiration by Bresson and Adams

The work of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Ansel Adams never fails to inspire me to reach higher and try harder with my photography. Bresson with his wonderful urban European shots of people going about their day and Adams with his fabulous captures of nature. I do not compare myself to these two geniuses in anyway, but wish to share my latest black and white photo that was inspired by the work of these two icons in photography.

framed black and white photograph taken at Second Beach in Olympic National Park of the  breakers coming in and crashing against the rocky shorelineSea Spray
This black and white photograph was taken at Second Beach in Olympic National Park, WA, USA. On this warm "end of summer" day, the surf was rough and the breakers coming in were crashing against the rocky shoreline.
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black and white photograph taken at Second Beach in Olympic National Park of the breakers coming in and crashing against the rocky shoreline

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  1. You sure are a hard worker. Love your art work

  2. i love watching waves such as these crashing. beautiful black and white. i think your icons would be proud. have a great day.

  3. Love the contrast of the spray of waves with the jagged rock. Photos like these always call forth awe.

  4. You can really get a sense of how powerful the waves forcing up against the rocks are. The spray almost seems to leap out of the screen. I just sat here awhile and stared into it. Beautiful shots, girl.

    Ya'll have yourself one fantastically blessed day.

  5. Thanks for the kind words my friends!

  6. Those waves are so powerful! We went to the coast today and there's a storm coming in and I thought of how you'd be able to capture those huge waves in photos.

  7. Incredible! Oh how I miss the ocean and yet on looking upon this magnificent shot I can almost hear the crash and swirl of the waves, smell the tang of salt in the air and feel a fine mist of ocean spray upon my skin. How utterly reviving!

  8. gorgeous shot julie! what great sources of inspiration.
    i love HCB!
    (new blog: :)

  9. I can hear the crash! Lovely photo, Julie! Laurie

  10. You captured the magnificence of nature so dramatically in black and white. Just wonderful!

  11. Black and white beach things are my favorites - these remind me of ansel adams at the beach.

  12. Julie, your photograph is stunning!


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