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27 January 2010

Hidden Treasures

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Karen Casey Smith's work with mandalas started in 1995. She started with colored pencils but now primarily uses flower photography to create the most extraordinary pieces of art. Her interest in mandalas combine two of her great interests, that of creating art and healing. She says, "it is always an amazing experience, and a delightful surprise to see the patterns that emerge while making the flower mandalas. Each mandala has its own vibrational frequency. They bring in healing energy where they are displayed."

I hope you enjoy Karen's unique talent as much as I have. Visit her shop at Etsy or 1000 Markets to see all of her mandalas as well as a variety of other outstanding photography.

The Hidden Treasures flower mandala was created from a photo of a beautiful yellow lily.

A framed display of the Hidden Treasures flower mandala, created from a photo of a beautiful yellow lily.
Hidden Treasures
The Hidden Treasures flower mandala guides us to look for the treasures within. It was created from a photo of a beautiful yellow lily.
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  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Julie. Wow! This was so lovely of you. I really appreciate it.

    photo energy - art that captures you

  2. Wonderful feature, Julie, and Karen - incredible work!

  3. Julie, thank you for sharing Karen's amazing artistry. I can't wait to link to her shops!

  4. Julie and Karen,
    I love these floral mandalas. They present the beauty of the flower in a totally new way that makes you really search the image. Lovely!

  5. Karen's work is so tranquil and serene. Just as is! Beautiful!

  6. wow amazing..i really love art..coz art is like can bewitch someone feelings..or it can test our mind in thinking..

    thanks for this..

  7. beautiful work!
    thanks for sharing her vision with us! :)

  8. What a perfect and beautiful mandala!

  9. Wow, that mandala is awesome! As all Karen's work is!


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