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21 October 2010

Red Floral Verbena

a flower photo of a bright warm red geranium standing out in a summer garden in ColoradoI was looking through some photos that I took this past summer and this vibrant scarlet flower jumped out at me. Sometimes it is just plain hard to let go of summer's beautiful color and bounty. So to hold on just a little bit longer to the warm glow of summer past and carry it with us into the slumbering winter months I share with you my way of seeing a brilliant red verbena. Enjoy!

a flower photo of a bright warm red geranium standing out in a summer garden in Colorado

Red Verbena
A bright warm red verbena stands out in a summer garden in Colorado.
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Thank you Bonnie for correctly identifying the flower as a verbena!



  1. So soft, beautiful and colorful. Love it!

  2. gorgeous photo Julie! I love how the red just pops out at you with the blurred background.

  3. just lovely julie - (i may be wrong but i think it is a verbena and not a geranium - although i know there are many varieties of geraniums)

  4. Thank you Beaded Tail, Ali, and Bonnie.

    Bonnie-You are right! My mistake, it is a verbena! Thanks for the correction!

  5. That is excellent & peaceful.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great photo as always Julie. Linda and I picked the last of the green peppers from our vegetable garden yesterday (28). I should have taken a photo was kind of like a sea of green LOL.. Have a great week

  7. Verbena brings back memories from my previous life in Mississippi. I don't think I ever see it here in Oregon.


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