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22 March 2011

Spring Tulip in Yellow

A close up of yellow tulip done in a vintage style on a textured sage background.Spring has finally least according to the calendar. There are many places where winter has not yet lost its grip and the mountains of Colorado are one such place. My tulips are not up, in fact, I can not get tulips to grow here in the rocky soil. But a beautiful bouquet of yellow spring tulips arrived in the hands of my dear husband one evening. I think that just might be better. Happy Spring!

A close up of yellow tulip done in a vintage style on a textured sage background.

Yellow Tulip
A close up botanical photo of a yellow tulip done in a vintage style on a textured dark sage background.
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  1. This is stunning, Julie! The color, lighting, and detail are gorgeous!

  2. Exquisite Julie. Love the background too.

  3. Beautiful composition on this stunning spring capture. Any chance you did the super-moon?

  4. I am completely in love with the color of this tulip. The asymmetrical composition is a gorgeous touch!

  5. I am thinking flowers in the hands of hubby are always a wonderful thing!

    Such lovely a lovely photo of the happy yellow tulip!!

    Happy Spring Julie!!
    xo Catherine

  6. I agree Julie, nothing like tulips! Love the yellow one, good composition. Have a sunny day!


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