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05 July 2011

Street Life in San Francisco, USA

San Francisco is my favorite American city. Street life is diverse, entertaining, and poignant. You can play and relax, as well as, grow and expand. And you can see just about anything; including a carriage full of pug dogs, a man with a smile bright enough to light an entire stadium, and a baby bundled in a colorful scarf. For me it is a photographer's delight. I hope it also delights you.

A homeless man in San Francisco smiles big for the camera as he sits on the sidewalk begging.
Smiling Man
A homeless man in San Francisco graciously allowed me to shoot his photo after explaining to me that he had no teeth and couldn't smile. I disagree.

A carriage full of pug dogs.
I was watching the street life from a curb side cafe when this carriage full of pug dogs came into my view. I was so surprised I almost missed the shot!

A black and white photo of a man in Chinatown, San Francisco, plays music on his traditional bowed instrument.
Street Musician
A man in Chinatown plays music on his traditional bowed instrument.

A group of women push a cart of food down an alley in Chinatown, one with a baby strapped to her back.
Baby Bundle
I was watching a group of women push a cart of food down an alley in Chinatown. Once they were past me I was surprised to see the baby bundled in a colorful scarf that I hadn't noticed before.

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  1. Love "Street Photography"! Nice shots, Julie...thanks for sharing!

  2. I love Frisco.. My uncle moved there many years ago and lived on Belvedere Island... He said S.F. was a city...A lot of art, diversity for sure.

  3. Thank you Steve! That means a lot coming from you. Your street photography is excellent.

    Kalei, so glad you enjoyed this post!

  4. AnonymousJuly 06, 2011

    Great photos, especially the one with the puppies!

  5. Great work, Julie! I loved Chinatown too.

    I miss being able to travel.

  6. AnonymousJuly 08, 2011

    aw those Pugs are soo cute! Great photos Julie, I can't wait until I'm off travelling again to get some new stuff. Utah next year tho! :)

  7. nice images Julue - I met a sculptor Lawrence Noble who's from San Fran yesterday - he said it was a really great place.

  8. Julie, you really have a talent for street photography! Wonderful images.

  9. How nice that you could see the man's face as a work of art. He has a good haircut, a shaved face, and a winning smile (even without teeth), yet the eyes still portray his plight.

    All pics from very good shots.

    Do people every shy away from your pointing camera? Have you ever been "barked" at - by a human? :)

  10. Thanks Anita! I usually ask permission before I shoot. But there are a few that I've wanted to be candid from time to time. Never been barked at but certainly have gotten crusty looks. Thanks for your comment.

  11. Duta, so glad you liked the puppies. Aren't they adorable!

    Cathy and Ali, hope you both get to do some traveling soon!

    David, you should definitely get to SF. My favorite city.

    Karen, thanks so much. I find street photography challenging but very fun.


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