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03 January 2012

Colorado Mountain Log Cabin

an old log cabin surrounded by the lushness of a green Colorado summerThe romance of a mountain log cabin in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is a sentiment I hear often. I too hold that sentiment close to my heart, but it is tempered with the reality of true mountain living experience. When living in a remote environment you are at the mercy of nature, and she has no mercy. It is what makes the experience wild and exciting, but often short lived for many but the heartiest.

When I see an abandoned old cabin my thoughts always wander to the people that used to call it home. What become of them? Why did they leave? Did they grow from the experience or did it defeat them? The answers are as diverse as the people.

an old log cabin surrounded by the lushness of a green Colorado summer

Mountain Cabin
An old log cabin surrounded by the lushness of a green Colorado summer.
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an old log cabin surrounded by the lushness of a green Colorado summer
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  1. Happy New Year, Julie! I've not been visiting much these days and have missed your beautiful work and delightful prose. Happy New Year to you and yours - I'll be back more often as my life is beginning to settle down! XO!

  2. A very peaceful shot, Julie; looks like a great place to walk and think, and your shot has captured that well.
    Peace, Judi

  3. Thank you for coming back Giraffe! I missed you.

    Judi, thanks for stopping by and commenting. The cabin is in a remote part of Colorado, but situated near a road. A very nice place to walk!

  4. Lovely capture, Julie. I too wonder what happened to them, the dreams of the people that are now gone, the land soon reclaimed by nature.

    1. Thanks Cathy. It does make one wonder doesn't it. It seems that it doesn't take long for nature to reclaim her domain.

  5. What a beautiful cabin! I love old cabins and barns!

    1. Thank you Pam. I like to shoot them too! ;)


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