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19 March 2012

An Interview of Me?

I do not usually do interviews, but I made an exception. Diane Fergurson over at the Mind Body Spirit blog does such a wonderful and professional job at drawing the best out of people with her great interviewing style. I can truly say that when I first saw it I was humbled at the good fortune of being asked. So if you are curious about my personal back story go to Mind Body Spirit and check it out for yourself. You may find out something about me you did not know.

a young and inquisitive white mountain goat standing on a barren mountain top with storm clouds behind him 

Colorado Rocky Mountain Goat 


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  1. What a delightful, insightful interview Julie. You never disappoint - with your images or your words. Inspiring.

    Love this photograph - such expression in the mountain goat's face!

    1. Thanks for checking it out Bonnie. You are so sweet!

  2. Wonderful interview. You are a super talented artist, and I always enjoy seeing your photos!

  3. He's a beautiful little horny creature. :)

    I read the interview and left my thoughts there. Good for you in stepping "into" the interview box. :)

    1. Hi Anita! Thanks for stopping by and also for reading the interview. I appreciate your comments and questions. I responded over on the Mind Body Spirit blog, but will add here that I am self taught in photography. Cheers!


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