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08 June 2012

Soaring in Canyon de Chelly

The heat rose from the bottom of the canyon in shimmering waves. The red cliffs radiated their own fire in the evening light. The large graceful birds with six foot wing spans floated like dark kites on the updrafts never needing a wing beat. Their endless soaring created lazy spirals going higher and higher until I lost them in the empty sky. 


Turkey vultures, with wingspans of 63–72 inches, gracefully ride the updrafts near red sienna canyon walls. A perfect way to add the natural beauty of the southwest to your home, office, or bedroom decor. 
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona 


The small red box on the right side of this photo is the same area photographed in "Soar."  It gives you an idea of the grand scale of the canyon.

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  1. I love Turkey Vultures when they are flying. Saw them up close and personal this spring in the Everglades. They are not so cute.

    Great captures, love the colorful cliffs behind the soaring birds.

  2. Wow, Julie! "Soar" is beautiful, and the Spider Rock picture with the little red box gives amazing perspective. Great work.

    1. Thank you Blissed! I really loved being there. It is not only beautiful, but has a deep sense of history as well.


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