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26 February 2013

Flame Fatale - An Orange Garden Rose

a flaming orange rose

Like many people, when February starts to wane my thoughts turn toward spring and flowers! This flame fatale beauty was shot in a friend's rose garden in California. I was taken with the startling color and wanted to preserve it forever. Hope you like it too!

a flaming orange rose

Flame Rose
A flaming orange rose highlights a Santa Rosa, California garden.

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  1. Beautiful work, Julie (as always!)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Pam! I always appreciate your visits!

  3. There aren't many good usages of orange (personal opinion), but this is a good one that nature has provided us with.

    1. Thank you Anita! Orange isn't usually one of my favorite colors either, but I have warmed up to it.


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