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26 April 2013

Dream Home in Colorado

a log cabin in the woods on a hillside

How many of you have dreams of living in that perfect home in that perfect setting? It could be in the mountains or on a seashore or in a pine forest.  Hold on to your dreams.  I dreamed of living in the mountains of Colorado since the first time I saw the Rocky Mountains. My husband and I never let go of that dream.  It took many years, but with that focus and intent we made it happen. First we moved to Colorado from the Midwest, then we found a way to purchase some land, and finally we built our dream home.  We lived in our mountain dream home for over 12 years before deciding we were finished with that dream and it was time for a new one. So follow your heart.  It can lead you to the most unexpected and happy places.  This log cabin in Aspen, Colorado was once someone's dream before it became a reality.  It is here to remind you that dreams really do come true.

a log cabin in the woods on a hillside

Cabin Dreams
Architectural photography of a log cabin in the woods on a hillside in Aspen, Colorado.

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