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15 January 2010

Branching Out

Made by Swirly Girl ButtonToday I want to share one of my very favorite pieces of art on Etsy. This framed photograph is stunning and the frame is a lovingly restored vintage window frame with original hardware. The pairing is exquisite! This is a one of a kind piece that would look beautiful in your living room. Please click on Made by Swirly Girl today and check out her wonderful assortment of cards, coasters, and matted photo art.

This signed and dated print of
Branching Out Matted and Framed Photo Art
This signed and dated print of "Branching Out", a fine art photo of a tree silhouetted against a brooding sky is professionally framed with double matting and set in a vintage window frame (with new glass)with original hardware. The wood on the frame has been stripped of it's original paint and lovingly coated with beeswax for a rich natural luster that brings out the wood's aged patina and grain.
Ready to hang on your wall!
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  1. So very beautiful! Your friend has quite the eye to match her artistic endeavors. I'll be sure to check her out!

  2. Thanks for the intro to Swirly Girl.

  3. Wow, Julie! What a lovely thing to do! Thank you so much for featuring my shop and work---I'm so touched! You are such a wonderful buddy!

  4. I love this print. It's so atmospheric, the frame is perfect.

  5. I have always loved Laurie's 'Branching Out' print, but never realized it was actually framed in a vintage window frame. How cool is that?

  6. I'm lovin' that frame and it's beautiful beeswax finish. Thanks for the intro to Swirly Girl.

    You have a terrific weekend full of blessings!!!

  7. Branching Out is a beautiful print, and the frame is so unique. Wonderful feature. She has lovely work!

  8. Beautiful! I spotted her Kitty Corner photo in the Etsy mini so will have to check that out too!

  9. It is truly a stunning piece of artwork!

  10. Khat a gorgeous work of art, you've shown Laurie's talent well. Kudos to you both!


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