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21 June 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep

You may have seen my recent post on my trip to the top of Mount Evans. That same day, on the way down the mountain, we ran across a small herd of bighorn sheep. Being used to my frequent requests to photograph, my husband dutifully stopped the car. I jumped out and started shooting away when I noticed through the lens that the young ram watching dutifully over his harem was slowly approaching closer and closer looking at me very intently. Images of Disney movie bighorns clashing together with a resounding crash flashed through my head as I respectfully backed around to the far side of the car. He never took his eyes off of me the whole time. You might even think he was proudly posing and showing off his girls. Nahhhh!


  1. Lovely capture of the Big Horn Sheep! I had a chance to see two males fighting in Glacier last year.

  2. Great photos of the Big Horn Sheep! I miss seeing them and can't tell you how many times I made my self car sick looking for those white butts in Big Thompson Canyon!

  3. gorgeous photos and creatures julie!
    don't laugh but i've never seen one before in real life. okay maybe at a petting zoo or something but i feel so sheltered! thanks for always sharing your beautiful glimpses of paradise!
    happy sunday to you!

  4. Thanks all!
    Beaded, you made me laugh out loud. The herd in the Big Thompson Canyon was all but wiped out several years ago by some disease. They are coming back slowly though.

    Cathy, That must have been awesome!!

    Michelle, come out West and I'll show ya around God's country. LOL

  5. How exciting, Julie! Saying that Ric automatically stopped the car sounds so familiar. It is a joke between Kevin and me that on our vacations, if we spot something as we are driving by, he stops or turns around so I can get a picture.

    What a wonderful place to live! Thank you for sharing some of the magic of Colorado :), allie

  6. The first pic is stunning....he was probably lookin at you thinkin 'wish i had my camera with me....'!

  7. Another enjoyable visit.. Thanks for the great photos

  8. Love the pics! I want to see a bighorn sheep in the wild someday...
    They blend in so well with their environment!

  9. Julie - These photos are wonderful, just beautiful. I have never seen bighorn sheep in person, there was a really interesting article in one of the photography magazines recently and I think they are just beautiful subjects for photography.


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