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24 February 2010

March 2010 Calendar for your Computer

A monitor display of March 2010 Wallpaper Calendar with blue foggy pines and hills
It is almost March. That means spring is just around the corner for most of us. The cold winter snow will be gone for one more year. But before it is totally gone the mists will surround the pines and flow like water down the mountain slopes in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Here is your new desktop calendar for March 2010. If you would like to purchase this photograph you can find the information on the archival quality fine art photo of Evening Fog here. I hope you enjoy your free calendar!

March 2010 Wallpaper Calendar with blue foggy pines and hills
download your free desktop wallpaper calendar for March 2010 here

Easy Instructions
After clicking on the above link
you will be at my Flickr page. Simply click on
"Download the Original size"
at the top left of the page.
The file will then download to your desktop!

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  1. Gorgeous!... makes me want to stay inside w/ a large latte!.

  2. That is interesting and I am learning another art from you. Thanks for sharing And I guess bighugelabs the way to design. Correct?

  3. Thank you, Julie! Love these calendars on my screen! Laurie

  4. Another beautiful calendar!
    Almost forgot March is just days away.
    Another month closer to spring!

  5. Such a great photo with all that mist. I am hoping you are right that March will bring spring! I am ready!

  6. So pretty! Thanks for another great shot.

  7. What a perfect scene to look at while on the computer. Thank you Julie! It's lovely!

  8. this is very cool, come and visit also my blog, you make a very good job

  9. It looks like the world just opens its heart to you or you just capture phenomanally AMAZING pictures! Either way you are so special!

    I am an aspiring Photographer and came to your site to check out the competition but you are the war! im jk what i mean is your great, can you please try to check out my site and photos and give me any advice or criticism you may have?

    Thanks and if you can take more pics like these on your blog i know its no coincidence but just talent!


  10. What a beautiful image. And a great idea to do Desktop backgrounds!

  11. Julie, your work is breathtaking!


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