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03 August 2010

Tropical Beauty Hibiscus

A red hibiscus flower.Every year I buy plants to decorate my deck and make it into our favorite outdoor room. Even though we only get to use it a few months every year we always look forward to outdoor dining and relaxing. This year I found this tropical hibiscus at the grocery and could not resist that beautiful coral red color. It has given me one or two new blooms every day all summer. I intend to bring it inside for the winter. Does anyone have any tips? Thanks everyone!

A red hibiscus flower.
Tropical Beauty
A tropical hibiscus in luscious coral red on a dark background holds its blooms briefly, but the large blossoms are eye stoppers when fully open.
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  1. All I know is that they are available in few other colors too. In India during Hindu prayers we offer the flower to Goddess. It is a holy flower in short I can say.

  2. Beautiful striking color!

  3. oops, i totally misread your post... I think as long as u treat it like any other house plant u should be Rose of Sharon loses its leaves during winter, and that's when i cut it back

  4. How pretty, Julie. I've never had good luck with Hibiscus, sadly. They always get white flies on them so I'm not the expert that you need! Lovely photo, dear.

  5. Appu, thank you. That is really interesting information that the hibiscus is a holy flower. It is so beautiful I'm not surprised!

    Kalei's BF, Thanks! I bring in a hydrangea that does that too.

    Giraffe, I'm glad you like the photo! Sorry about the white fly.

  6. my goodness what gorgeous color for a beautiful, holy flower. i love it. hope you have continued enjoyment from it this winter. have a great day.

  7. I always stop when I see an hibiscus.

  8. Wow! Love the color and the detail in that photo Julie! I got lost in just looking at it!

  9. How wonderful Julie to be able to grow such beautiful flowers! I have no tips on housing it over the winter but I wish you the best of luck in doing so. Lovely!

    Hope all is well,
    xo Catherine

  10. Thank you all very much! I am glad that you have enjoyed my hibiscus as much as I have. I will bring it in this fall and do my best to nurture it until next spring. Thanks!


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