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11 August 2010

Wild Rose

A pink petaled wild rose with golden yellow stamens.The wild rose found in Colorado's mountain woodlands has five pale pink petals. I also find it growing along the dusty road and often think of trying to transplant it to my perennial garden, where only the hardiest plants survive the cold and long winters. This delicate flower of the rose family is very tough. I have seen in growing up in the middle of the road only to be scraped off each winter by the snow plow and emerge in the spring unscathed, albeit a bit shorter. Maybe this year I'll try moving one to the good life of a watered garden and occasional weeding. Enjoy!

A pink petaled wild rose with golden yellow stamens.
Wild Rose
A close up of a wild rose in petal pink with golden yellow stamens catches the light.
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  1. Aren't wild roses just the perfect shade of pink? I love them. So delicate ~ you captured them well Julie!

    Have a happy Wednesday!
    xo Catherine

  2. Such a beautiful pop of color! Love the detail in the flower!

  3. I agree with BeadedTail. Seeing the shadows, veins, variation in color - how it's off centered.
    Very nice.

  4. I love this one. Really beautiful.

  5. Thank you friends for commenting. I am glad to bring you the beauty that I see and happy you like it!


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