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14 December 2010

Icy Forest in Northern Colorado

A snowy Rocky Mountain pine forest with an icy texture in Northern Colorado.My boots crunched on the icy crust of snow. My breath steamed. The dogs' whiskers stood out in frosty contrast to their dark coats. My camera was inside my coat, warm and ready for the shot I was after. I had arrived. I took my camera out, pulled off my mittens, and fumbled with the settings as my hands stiffened in the frigid air. Satisfied that I had captured the moment, I put the camera back inside my coat and pulled my mittens back on over numb fingers. Calling to the romping dogs I turned and then headed back up the steep incline with thoughts of returning to my warm home and crackling fire. You may want to have a cup of hot chocolate ready when you view this shot.

A snowy Rocky Mountain pine forest with an icy texture in Northern Colorado.

Icy Forest
A snowy Rocky Mountain pine forest with an icy patina in Northern Colorado.
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  1. it looks to be as cold or colder there as it is here (10 degrees w/ high of 18 today). i think a warm cup of hot chocolate would be nice. your picture is great. have a wonderful day.

  2. What an awesome capture! It looks magical.

  3. It does look nippy but oh so pretty too!

  4. WOW! That's a stunning shot!
    I love snow, this is the only thing I've been missing since I've moved here in Gibraltar (today is very warm here, 18 degrees Celsius).

  5. Oh my goodness ~ that does look very cold ~ but beautiful!

    We had freezing rain here yesterday afternoon. I am not looking forward to driving to work this morning! :(

    xo Catherine

  6. This gorgeous photo could be of Scotland as we're also under a blanket of snow just now. Great shot now go get your hot choccy.

  7. A very good description of how you managed to capture that shot.
    Very nice!

  8. This is just gorgeous. And I love the texture to it!


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