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14 June 2011

California Oak Tree

A majestic moss draped California oak with the sun light filtering through its canopy.The road between Santa Rosa and St. Helena in California is as twisted as the branches of this majestic oak. Being from the land of pine and fir the lovely leaves and moss covered branches were a treat to my eyes as we curved, dipped, and swerved through the bends in the road on our way to lunch. We stopped under this beautiful tree on one of those curves as the sunlight filtered down through its expansive canopy. I can just imagine climbing up and watching the world go by. How about you?

A majestic moss draped California oak with the sun light filtering through its canopy.

California Oak
A majestic moss draped California oak with the sunlight filtering through its canopy.
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  1. Wonderful lighting! Beautiful shot, Julie.

  2. It is a gorgeous tree, Julie, and wonderful light!

  3. Beautiful, Julie. I can see that as a Tree of Life!

  4. I haven't climbed a tree in a while, but like you, I'd love to climb that one and watch the happenings belows and afar.

    My daughters, their friends and I did have a little fun a couple years ago flipping over a tree branch, and my stomach muscles actually survived it. :)

  5. Judy and Karen, the light in the tree is what attracted me. It was subtle and hard to catch. I'm so glad that it translated!

    Cathy, what a great idea, Tree of Life!

    Anita, you are a brave woman to flip over a tree branch! I haven't done such antics for many a moon. LOL

  6. Linnea it really was a magnificent tree. I love those old California oaks. Thanks for stopping by!


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