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20 June 2011

Guardians of the Ribbon

the side of a pink fire truck is covered in written remembrances of cancer victims and survivorsWhen I visited California we saw the "Guardians of the Ribbon" in St. Helena. What a great bunch of guys doing such wonderful work. I wanted to share the "moment" with you in photos and remind my friends; male and female, to be checked regularly by your doctor. You can visit Pink Fire Trucks here or become a friend on Facebook here.

a dalmatian dog kisses a fireman in pink
Guardian Kiss
A dalmatian dog kisses a guardian fireman dressed in pink gear.

a pink fire truck
Pink Fire Truck
A vintage pink fire truck in St. Helena, California.

a fireman dressed in pink gear
Macho Man
A fireman dressed in pink gear honors all cancer survivors.

woman signs remembrance on side of pink fire truck
Julie Signing
I sign the side of a pink fire truck in remembrance of a friend.

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  1. Now these are some REAL MEN! Love them.

  2. Truly great men - a great cause - and some terrific photos Julie.

  3. Best use of pink I've seen in a long, long time!
    Kind of think all fire trucks should be pink!

  4. I agree Judy and Bonnie. These guys are the greatest! Marion, pink has become one of my favorite colors. ;)

    Thanks for the great comments!

  5. What a cool experience! Thanks for sharing, Julie!

  6. How fun ~ and such terrific photos Julie for a wonderful cause.

    Hmmm.... now I have a terrible craving for pink bubble gum ice cream.... ;)

    xo Catherine

  7. Thank you for featuring them. What a wonderful way to support the cause.

  8. Thanks for the great comments!

    Catherine, I've never had pink bubble gum ice cream but it sounds delicious!


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