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05 September 2011

California Coast Flowers

A view of the California Pacific coast looking out to sea over a wild bed of pink flowers.This fine art photograph was taken along the California coastline at Bodega Bay. I am not sure what kind of flowers these are (all suggestions are welcome), but their beautiful neon pink was such a contrast against the aqua blue landscape. Can you hear the surf, smell the spray, and feel the golden sun as you gaze into the far away horizon where water meets air?

A view of the California Pacific coast looking out to sea over a wild bed of pink flowers.

California Coast Flowers
This California coast landscape photo features the Pacific Ocean's waves crashing into the rocky coastline overlooking wild pink flowers and a beautiful sunny blue sky overhead. Bodega Bay Head, California
11x14 fine art photograph
8x10 fine art photograph

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  1. A breath-taking shot Julie! I would love to be sitting in the middle of those flowers right now.

  2. You're right. The contrast between those two different colors makes this photograph anything but ordinary. I love the skyline, seems like it was painted.

  3. Rainy season is about to over and the image reminds Goa. And maybe this year again I am visiting Goa. Anyways, Thanks for sharing such a beautiful image. And yes, sorry as I am traveling a lot unable to visit your blog but from now-onwards will try the best. Keep writing.


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