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17 September 2011

Russian Fort Ross in California

a textured and aged sepia photograph of Fort Ross, CaliforniaFort Ross, a California state historic park, was settled between 1812 and 1841 as a Russian trading post. I loved the Russian influence of the architecture especially the chapel seen in this fine art photograph. The shape and form of the turrets and steep roof have elegant lines and produced beautiful shadows. During my visit last June the site was closed for renovation, but we did walk around the perimeter of the fort. I think it gave me a unique perspective of an "outsider" looking in as we approached the fortification. Perhaps it was the same for those settlers almost 200 years ago.

a textured and aged sepia photograph of Fort Ross, California

Fort Ross Seashore
This is a textured and aged sepia photograph of Fort Ross, a Russian-American Company settlement from 1812 to 1841 chartered by Russia's tsarist government, on the coast of California.
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This is a textured and aged sepia photograph of Fort Ross.

Fort Ross
A view of Fort Ross's blockhouse and fortifications looking east toward the foothills.
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The texture used in the production of this fine art photograph is courtesy of

Pixel Dust Photo Art

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  1. Wood and Wood. Lovely location. Thanks for sharing

  2. Fabulous photographs Julie. I love the black and white presentation and how you have used the texture.

  3. What an honor to find your work linked up to Photo Art Friday, Julie! Thank you.

  4. Great processing. Seen on Photo Art Friday.

  5. Thank you Appu!

    Bonnie, I am honored to be part of your Photo Art Friday! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful textures.

  6. Thanks Linda W! Happy you found me on Bonnie's wonderful blog.

  7. Beautiful photos, Julie! I had no idea that Russia had a fort and trading post that far south, way back when.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  8. Beautiful - love the rich black and white effect

  9. Thank you Nina and Helena. I'm so glad you stopped by. I didn't know about the Russian fort in California either until our last visit. There is a lot of history there. I wanted my photos to reflect that.

  10. Lovely captures, Julie. Your photographs make me want to go there.

  11. You have such a wide variety of exquisite work; makes me wonder how much you haved displayed in your home.

    Love these photos.

  12. Thanks so much Anita! Yes, I do have a lot of my work on our walls. My husband is artistic as well and we both love other artist's work too. So we have quite a bit of hanging art.

  13. Beautiful visual lines in that building. I enjoy symmetry in photographic images, it draws my eye somehow.

    I clicked over from Anita's, enjoyed browsing here :)

  14. Thank you for visiting and commenting Joanne. I am happy that you clicked over! I love Anita's blog too.


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