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08 February 2012

The Face of Fort Collins 2 - Steet Photography

I received just enough encouragement to test your patience with more urban street photography. Here are my latest with a couple very different approaches. The first image of the woman is pretty straight forward. I did virtually nothing but bump up the contrast and vibrance in this one. The second I decided to alter drastically. There was an element about this young man that made me think of graphic novel heroes. Do you like the straight approach or the graphic one better? Color or black and white?

A woman in a white coat next to a red wall grabs a cookie for a quick snack on her way to an unknown destination.

Cookie Contemplation
A woman in a white coat next to a red wall grabs a cookie for a quick snack on her way to an unknown destination. Fort Collins, Colorado

A graphic inspired black and white image of a hoodie cloaked young man gazing back at me from behind dark glasses in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Graphic Hero
A hoodie cloaked young man gazes back me from behind dark glasses in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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  1. As far as the choices (graphic, b&w or color), I think that angle, DOF, lighting all play a part.. if the subject has all of those features (as your does) then ANY choice would work... Personally the graphic and b&w has a mystery to the subject and I think he also is more attractive in b&w/graphic because of the shadowing... Straight on color would be fine but not give that air of mystery/'bad' boy flair. :-).

    As far as the woman, I know for me, the appeal would of been more striking if you had tilted your camera at a 'kooky' angle, this one seems predictable...I learned a lot from a photographer that taught a few of us online to shot from the unexpected angles... To take the photo from various heights, angles to show what the perspective would be from either a child, insect, or a bird in flight...(last sentence is my take on what I learned).

    1. Thanks for your comments and the tip Kalei! I'll experiment with different angles. That would make her more interesting. :)

  2. I'm a fan of realism rather than exotic photoshop techniques. Mostly, I should say! Your other reader gave some great, solid advice. I prefer the first photo for the colors and agree that a more angular shot might have made it more interesting. I'm so glad to be back here seeing your fabulous photography and enjoying your new adventures!

    1. I was attracted to the colors of the first one too. I've been pondering angles and know I have a weakness for symmetry. I'll be on the lookout for that in the future. Thanks!

  3. Oh sweetie, I haven't been to Fort Collins since Social Butterfly was just a tot.

    I think that each picture suits it's subject. I think Ms. Cookie Monster would of looked strange in the exotic mode where the Graphic Hero is a perfect subject. 'Nuff sain...Amen!!! Heeehehehehe!!!

    I have to tell ya, I just sit and stare in awe when I come over to your place. Your pictures are always amazin'!!! :o)

    1. Nezzy, thanks so much for your kind words! I think I have a ways to go with the "street photography" but I'll keep pluggin'!

  4. Julie love your photos.. The facial expression in the 1st photo reminded me of my 1st wife LOL.. Spring is on the way

    1. Thanks Joe! Oh oh. Glad you moved on to wife two. LOL Isn't it wonderful to catch that faint hint of a spring scent in the air.


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