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15 February 2012

Nature Blank Cards

Zen nature card set, of minimalist square blank cards featuring a mountain bluebird, a flicker feather, and a bare tree on a foggy day.Stillness. Happiness. Lightness.

I love these words. They are so simple yet so powerful. They are words to live by.

I came up with an idea a few weeks ago to combine one meditative word with one complimentary image. I wanted the look minimalist. Then I went searching for the right paper. It had to be special. I chose Museo paper, a creamy textured art paper that produces beautiful soft images.

It was so fun and rewarding coming up with these new card designs. I hope you like them. Right now there are only three in the Zen Nature Card Collection, but I'll be searching for more combinations to add soon.

Nature bluebird card, a blue bird minimalist blank card, of the bluebird of happiness.

Happiness Card
Mountain Bluebird
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Nature feather card, a flicker feather minimalist blank card, of a single orange feather resting on a field of snow.

Lightness Card
Flicker Feather
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Nature tree card, a foggy tree minimalist blank card, of a cottonwood tree's bare branches twisting in a foggy landscape.

Stillness Card
Cottonwood Tree in Fog
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Zen nature card set, of minimalist square blank cards featuring a mountain bluebird, a flicker feather, and a bare tree on a foggy day.

Zen Nature Card Set of Three
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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much. I'm happy you like them.

  2. Your work is always lovely Julie. While I like all three, love 'Stillness'.

    1. Bonnie, thank you! That one seems to be the hands down favorite for most.

  3. I love simple cards like these.

  4. Lovely.. I especially like the one with the feathers

    1. Thank you Hena. That is a feather from a flicker. They look brown from above but when their wings open you see the flash of orange feathers. They are beautiful birds.


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