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09 May 2012

Cowboy Caveman Silhouette

On my recent trip to Canyon de Chelly we hiked the only available public trail to the White House Ruins. It was steep, hot and unbelievably beautiful. There were a couple of tunnels channeled through the red sandstone and it was like stepping into air conditioning. We paused to rest slugging warm water in gulps. That is when I caught this image of Ric looking out at the beautiful swirls and layers of red rock. Snap! My cowboy caveman. 

Cowboy Caveman 
Cowboy Caveman 
A cowboy silhouetted in the entrance of a long tunnel in Canyon de Chelly finds respite from the heat. Perfect for adding the beauty of the west to your home, office, or bedroom decor.
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona

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