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17 May 2012

Desert Bloom

My boots were kicking up the dry orange dust in small puffs on the rocky trail into Canyon de Chelly. My eyes were darting about taking in the dramatic red sandstone canyon and making me wish I had a wide angle lens to capture it all in one gulp. I paused in a patch of rare shade cast by a scraggly cedar and saw a brilliant red patch of desert paintbrush. It was alone in the dusty landscape of scrub brush and rock making a bold statement of I am. Smiling with my discovery I shot this photo. I hope you enjoy this desert beauty. 

Desert Paintbrush 8x12 

Desert Paintbrush 
Indian paintbrush photo, of a red desert paintbrush wildflower blooming in brilliant red in a southwestern desert canyon. Perfect for adding the desert beauty of the southwest to your home, office, or bedroom decor. Canyon de Chelly, Arizona 
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  1. Such a beautiful find in-between all that hot dry land Julie! That red simply pops! We have had lots of rain but not much heat here in Saskatchewan. I am still waiting to plant some flowers.

    I hope you are having a wonderful May!
    xo Catherine

    1. Thank you Catherine! I was resting in the shade when I spied this small flower. It really did pop right out of the dry landscape at me.


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