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04 March 2009

Old Style

I love old things; old jewelry, old furniture, old houses, and old wagon wheels. I'm not sure why but maybe it is the patina of age that gives things an aura of beauty. Most things tell their history, including people, in the lines and scars of age. It always makes me stop and wonder who rode in that wagon long ago. Was it a family on a picnic under this very tree where I am standing?

There are plenty of old wagons returning to the earth of Colorado. Here are a few of the images I have captured along the way of my journey.


  1. This is a great set! I especially like the first one. I also enjoy things that have a patina- it shows history!

    Thanks for putting me in your favorites widget thingy!

  2. Thanks C. Wade! Stay tuned, I have more! LOL

  3. I love the top and bottom photo! They are lovely!
    I to, love old things, barns, farms and abandoned
    buildings. But I love wildlife too!

  4. These are great! There's something quite magical about discovering old things from the past. So rich in history. I've just been perusing your Etsy shop...your photos are breathtaking!

  5. I love old things, too. Old things, old places, old people, old stories, old's all good. Nice work on these shots, Julie, and thanks for the recent comment on my blog as well. :)

  6. I love old stuff too :)!! There is something really cool about the past and pieces of it! I oftn wish they could talk and tell us what they know .... Happy Thursday to you!

  7. I love how you captured the vintage wheel. Beautiful composition!!

  8. Wow, didn't know so many loved old timey stuff like me. Thanks for all your wonderful comments!


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