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25 March 2009

Western Bluebirds

The other day I was driving down to the mailbox and noticed seven or eight bluebirds! I was so excited because I have rarely seen one. Luckily I had my camera next to me. I tried shooting out the car window but that did not work. I quietly opened my car door and gingerly peeked over the hood expecting them to take flight. But they seemed quite unpreturbed as they perched on the yuccas allowing me to shoot several shots. Let me know which one you think is the best capture; one bird, two birds or three birds.


  1. ooo, julie i like them all! but i am torn between #1 & #2! beautiful birdies!
    #2 birdie looks like he is looking right at you!

  2. Very beautiful capture and shots!! Love them all!!

  3. I wonder if they were migrating! I have not seen one here yet. I love the shot with the three birds. I have never seen 3 at once! :D and I like the way the background bird blurs.


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