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07 July 2009

Aspen Light Fine Art Note Card Set of Four

I have had cards on my mind lately. It is fun to design cards and stationery using my own photography. I do not have a lot to offer yet but just wait. This is just the beginning! Tell me what you think and offer suggestions. Thanks!

Aspen Light Fine Art Photo Notecard Set of Four
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  1. I think they're lovely! Great shot to choose to start with.

  2. Julie, I agree with Beth, they are lovely. Best of luck with them!

  3. Awesome cards, great capture!

  4. These are lovely and such a wonderful idea!

  5. I have to say I really like everything you create!

  6. Its a beautiful image and looks great on the front of a card. Also, your prices are very low, a sure steal.

  7. Gorgeous! Really happy to discover your blog, will be back to see more.


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