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19 July 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - Mountain Goats of the Rockies

We had a second trip to Mount Evans, Colorado this year and we were in luck. We saw Mountain Goats! This was only the second time I have seen them in the wild and it was such a treat!

The Mountain Goat is a large-hoofed mammal found only in North America. Despite its name, it is not a true goat, but belongs to the genus that includes antelopes and cattle. It resides at high elevations and is a sure-footed climber, often resting on rocky cliffs that predators can not reach.

Both male and female mountain goats have beards, short tails, and black horns. They are protected from the elements by their woolly white double coats. In the winter, their coats help them to withstand temperatures as low as -50 Fahrenheit (-46 Celsius) and winds of up to 100 mph (161 km/h).

Kids are born in late spring after a six month gestation period. Nannies give birth usually to a single offspring. Kids weigh about 7 lb (a little over 3kg) at birth and begin to run and climb, or attempt to do so, within hours. Although they are mostly weaned within one month, kids follow their mothers closely for the first year of life. Nannies protect their young by leading them out of danger, standing over them when faced by predators, and positioning themselves below their kids on steep slopes to stop free falls.

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  1. Incredible photos Julie! I never saw a mountain goat in the wild so I envy you! Your photos are just spectacular!

  2. I agree with BeadedTail - incredible. I just wanted to reach out and touch them. You do such great work!

  3. Julie, such great photos. Those mountain goats area adorable!

  4. Wow! Stunning photos. What a great day!

  5. oooo julie! these are amazingly gorgeous captures!
    and what beautiful creatures!

  6. so nice to see these animals in the wild. great shots Julie!

  7. The expression in the first photo is priceless.

    They are really quite furrier than I thought they were..

  8. Beautiful photos, you are so lucky to be able to see these - thanks for all the info on them too, very interesting.


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