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24 July 2009

Friday Favorites - Country Charm

I spent my childhood in the farm country of Ohio. Old falling down red barns, kool aid stands, wildflowers in mason jars, and anything recycled and homemade were the norm. This collection gives me a warm fuzzy feeling as cuddly as one of those teddy bears. The only thing missing is my Uncle Russ cranking up a batch of homemade ice cream. Enjoy a day in farm country!

Teddy Bears by Linda Todd

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  1. Julie thank you so much for the memories. I was raised for 11 years on a farm in Michigan with all sorts of animals and wildlife including a visit to the house from a black bear!
    We had a little stand in front yard for the occasional passerby and mail lady selling fruits and vegetables. I think that is why many of the Clancy's ended up as merchants. I cherish those memories and love your post! happy friday and a good weekend to all! Marianne

  2. Such wonderful photos! I grew up in Kansas so this was like a walk down memory lane for me too!

  3. Love these, I especially love the first barn. I just love barns and have so many puzzles with them. Great post!

  4. lovely collection, thanks for adding my flower dancer.

  5. Awesome photos, takes me back!

  6. Julie, thanks so much. i'm truly honored to be included in this collection.
    I would have replied to you sooner but we just arrived home from the Adirondacks.
    Your latest series of flower shots are magnificent.

  7. Great finds and collection! I really like the first photo, Gary Heller's- what an odd shape for a barn...

  8. Really breathtaking photos, Julie! Such a tangible wistful feeling I get looking at those!

  9. Thank you all for looking at this collection and commenting!

  10. great collection as always julie!
    yum, homemade ice cream! sounds like beautiful memories! :)

  11. That was a lovely, lovely collection,full of nice memories !! Thank you for sharing with us.

  12. The barn photo totally spells "America" for me. It's just postcard perfect. OK, I didn't grow up in this country, so I get to say that. :)


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