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26 August 2009

Buffalo Dreams

The dust covers the huge woolly beast as he rolls in the prairie dirt shaking his shaggy head. Or did I dream this? Tell me your thoughts on this one.

dream like image of buffalo rolling in dirt

dream like image of buffalo rolling in dirt
Buffalo Dreams 8x10 Fine Art Photograph

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  1. A really interesting shot. For me it is more about movement than a buffalo . . . but I have to say it is intriguing Julie.

  2. Really well done, Julie. This is a unique perspective for this subject and a very artistic approach. I really like the texture that is of the dirt as well as the subtle color surrounding the rolling buffalo. This is alooking to be a great series of slow shutter shots of the wild west subjects. Love the others of the rodeos in your Etsy shop.
    I'm also really lovin the "Cliff Barn" shot in your Stsy shop as well.
    Great work from you as always.

  3. Cool shot! It looks different at first glance than when you study it and I like that in photos. You see something different each time.

  4. Wow! What a fabulous shot ... it is like a dream. Wish I could have seen this 'beast' rolling in the dirt!

    Thanks for sharing!

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  5. Great capture, Julie! I wonder what bison dream about?

  6. Very good shots are you a professional.


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