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18 August 2009

Many Thanks Pam and Charon!

I owe many thanks to Pam at Aways Artistic and Charon at Creative with Clay.

Pam has sent me this gorgeous giraffe as an ACEO! I have always wanted to start an ACEO collection and she has given me a beautiful start. Visit her blog for her creative and fun contests. Also be sure to visit her Etsy shop. It is full of wonderful photography.

Charon has selected my black and white photograph, Roman Numerals, to feature in her blog. Be sure to visit her blog and see the beautiful work she has featured in elegant shades of grey. I love these wine bottle stoppers she has in her Etsy shop too. Charon has many wonderfully designed items to choose from so visit now.

Roman Numerals

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  1. Thank you for the nice feature Julie!

    Those bottle stoppers are cool!

  2. What a cute giraffe ACEO! Those bottle stoppers are great!

  3. I'm like you, Julie. I've toyed with the idea of a really diverse ACEO collection. And what a lovely premier piece for you! Congratulations! And don't you love everything in Charons shop!?

  4. BeadedTail, Judi and Splended Little Stars - Thank you, I am glad you like my giraffe!

  5. What a beautiful and artistic Giraffe!

  6. Beautiful giraffe ACEO! Love those wine stoppers. Those are something I could use, and will be headed to her shop to check them out.
    i remember seeing that b&w photograph when you first posted it a while back and loved it then. i like the title you gave it, very suiting.

  7. Always an enjoyable visit. Can I borrow some of your energy

  8. Thank you for sharing Pam's fantastic giraffe and Charon's great bottle stoppers with us - you rock, Julie. Love your shot too, congrats on the feature.
    Peace, Judi

  9. Lovely ceramic wine bottle stoppers and elegant giraffe. I'm in love with your "Roman numerals", I love them !

  10. great stuffs..


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