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09 August 2009

Sunday Morning Gallery - Florilegium

Summer is fleeting in the high country of Colorado. The mountain mahoganies are starting to turn burnt orange and the wild currants are loaded with berries. Before summer is totally gone I could not resist doing a few more flowers. We will soon be watching snow fly and I wanted to hold on to the soft blooms just a bit longer. I hope you enjoy these newest flowers in my Flower Collection.

Florilegium first appeared in the English language in 1711 describing a collection of flower illustrations. Today it more commonly refers to a collection of literary pieces or an anthology, but I thought it appropriate to use its earliest definition for my newest flower collection.

vivid blue wild geranium
The term geranium is confusing. The first geranium most gardeners encounter is not a geranium at all, but the less hardy Pelargonium. Hardy geraniums are sometimes referred to as cranesbill geraniums. The flowers float on top of the plant, in shades of white, pink, magenta, purples and blues. Some species are sometimes grown for the edible bulbs.

yellow lily
Lilies are leafy stemmed herbs. They form underground bulbs from which they overwinter. The large flowers have six tepals, are often fragrant, and come in a range of colours ranging through whites, yellows, oranges, pinks, reds and purples.

white flower of monument plant
Monument Plant, common in mountain meadows, is a robust and showy plant that scatters itself over large areas. The tall flower stalks erupting from a very large basal rosette of leaves attract our attention, but a careful look around will reveal numerous smaller Monument Plants not in flower. The broad leaves are shaped like the ears of a deer, giving it one of its common names, Deer's Ears.

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  1. The detail in those photos is stunning!

  2. Just breathtaking, Julie! Those should warm you up in the winter months!

  3. How beautiful! And I LOVE those little green ones!

  4. cudos again julie - love the wild geranium.

  5. Beautiful, the green one is stunning !!

  6. Julie, they are truly gorgeous. The colors are really beautiful.

  7. Wow, they are stunning, love the last one in green the best!

  8. Gorgeous Nature pics. Love the blue.

  9. Oh these are gorgeous!! Well done! I love the green, I've never seen that plant before.

  10. Sooo beautiful! I've never seen a blue wild geranium. It is stunning!

  11. Love your pictures! I have wonderful wild geraniums in the spring that are purple! My Johnson's Geraniums are a gorgeous blue/purple that I use on my jewelry organizers. I too will miss them as they wind down for the fall! Never saw a Monument Plant, it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. These are all so pretty! I love wild geraniums, one of my new favorite flowers!

  13. I love your Florilegium presentation!!!Colours are amazingly alive!


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