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17 October 2009

Exploring Colorado's Country Roads - Part 2

framed black and white photo of western fence line and valley view in ColoradoA lonely dirt road wanders through a remote valley in Northern Colorado under a dramatic summer sky. The fence line stretches into the far distant mountain range. As we climb the steep hill to home in our four wheel drive truck the road becomes less defined and grassed over from the bountiful summer rains. Our weekend was drawing to a close, but the memories of the tall peaks at Long Draw linger.

remote pine tree lined dirt road in northern Colorado
Steller Ridge Road, Larimer County, Colorado

black and white photo of western fence line and valley view in Colorado
Fence Line
Red Canyon Ranch Road, Larimer County, Colorado

Long Draw Road, Colorado with mountain views
Long Draw Road, Larimer County, Colorado

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  1. The B&W fenceline photo is beautiful and can you please take me down Long Draw Road?

  2. The B&W photo tells a whole story, full of poetry, thoughts and desires, just wonderful.
    An extraordinary picture!



  3. Lovely mountains. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful place

  4. There's only one thing missing in the first photo - me taking a walk! In the second, I'd be riding a bike, and in the third, I'd be driving along in a car. All beautiful pics!

  5. Amanda, I might be able to share a few more pics of Long Draw. I'll put that in the hopper!

    Anita, I walk along the first road/path everyday. That shot was taken in June. It is brown and dry now but still lined by ponderosa pines.

    I am lucky indeed to live in this place of beauty. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  6. I love that last photo! Gorgeous!

  7. I love all your photos, but the last picture reminds me of my travels. Hope to get out there again someday! It must be great to be living it daily!

  8. I have a question:
    How the B&W photograph is within frame???
    I wish to do the same for photographs.
    It looks good.

  9. The last photo is really nice.. =)

  10. I love the black and white shot! That one is amazing! Great job!

  11. I found myself on a country road this weekend, exploring. It was a road I hadn't been on before and would love to know where it came out but it was to long and to far from where I had to park the SUV. Gorgeous photos, btw. The black and white is very poetic. Have a great day.

  12. Hobo, if you are interested in doing virtual frames check out Big Huge Labs. They have a very easy to use framing tool.

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. Long Draw is a beautiful area and only open a few weeks in the summer due heavy snows. I'll try to post more shots from this beautiful area soon.


  13. I love all of them, but the BW is my favorite! Gosh, a book of all these would look so great on my coffee table! :-)

  14. Wow, amazing shots, Julie. Looks like such a peaceful place to visit. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Peace, Judi

  15. I subscribed immediately on 9/16 when you were blog of note. Your photography is amazing and the landscapes are very reminiscent of the mountains of far northern California where I grew up. Love it, love it, love it.

  16. Jered, thanks so much for subscribing! I'm just thrilled that you like my photography.

    Laurie, love your idea of a coffee table book!

    Cheers Everyone!

  17. nice blog picture..
    click here..

  18. Great pictures, as usual! I've only visited Colorado in the winter to ski, never thought how beautiful it is in the summer!

  19. These are all really beautiful, Julie. What a gorgeous place you live in! Thanks for sharing it. I'd love to go walking down Steller Ridge Road.

    photo energy - art that captures you

  20. Harold, you should definitely visit in the summer some time. There are many remote places that are inaccessible in the winter, unless of course you are on skis.

    Karen, thank you!

  21. The last photo is absolutely breathtaking - it is no wonder that your talent has reached these heights and you continue to produce such successful art when you have the beautiful inspiration around you to feed from. You have been truly blessed, with your talent and your stage. Regards.

  22. Ya just wowed the barn boots off this old farm girl. Your pics are breathtaking beautiful as usual. I'm drawn to the fence photo because it could have been taken right here on the Ponderosa.
    I'm such a newbie at digital I think I'll go walk some fence-lines. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a wonderful day filled with blessings and surrounded by Gods beauty!!!

  23. Genius and Nezzy,
    You both have wowed me with your generous comments. Thanks so much!

  24. Oh wow these are all stunning, I especially love the color and the landscape of the last picture! The one you chose to mat looks wonderful too!


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