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30 October 2009

Ghost Hunting at the Stanley Hotel

green glowing ghostly face with malevolent grin
The night was still young. We headed to the bar to pass the time, steeling our nerves with a few stiff drinks. We watched as the clock ticked slowly toward the midnight hour and then it was time. We reluctantly gathered our equipment and headed toward the main staircase to search the halls of the historic Stanley Hotel for ghosts.

Main staircase of historic Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, CO
I clicked the shutter to my camera unaware of anything out of place other than the hair standing up on the back of my neck. Wait. Did I see a light floating down the staircase? I brushed my hair aside and blinked. Nothing.

Hallway of historic Stanley Hotel of Estes Park, CO
We continued up to the notorious third floor. As we walked the hall seemed to stretch and stretch. Where was the end? Should we turn back. I heard a maniacal chuckle behind me. I spun about just in time to see......

ghostly Halloween skeleton
Happy Halloween!

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  1. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle, Julie! Happy Halloween!

  2. Happy Halloween to you and I hope you don't get too scared!


    veredit - Isabella Kramer

  3. Yikes! LOL Happy Halloween Julie!

  4. Happy Halloween, Julie! =)

  5. Great scare! I love a good spooky time. That shot of the hallway is creepy enough without even being there. Great photos. I really like your eye for composition.

  6. Thanks everyone! Glad you had fun with my Halloween "story".

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  8. *chuckle wuckles* ^o^ happy halloween indeed!

  9. Oh that was so much fun, can we do it again!!!

  10. Well, the goblins are hidden for another year. What say you? Were ya scared?

  11. Superb!
    Happy (belated) Hallowe'en!

  12. LOL So Cute! Happy Belated Halloween!

  13. This was really cute! Just Perfert for Halloween!! Wish I read it earlier!


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