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16 April 2010

A Blush of Pink

A blanket of fog rests silently over the High Plains of Colorado as the sunrise turns pinkA blush of pink tints the eastern horizon the color of a child's flushed cheeks. The whole world becomes saturated with pinkness. My own skin takes on a fresh young glow as the rose colored light permeates the room. Everything is awash with the rosy color of a new day.

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beautiful yellow flowers dancing in the light of the early morning sun.

Pendant with the photo of a pink and yellow rose.

Painting of a yellow Labrador retriever.

Pink apple blossoms on a yellow background.

Blue bird house.

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  1. I hope you and the other creative people get the same satisfaction from your work that your viewers get. :)

    I heard once that some prisons paint the walls pink for the calming affect on the inmates.
    If so, it probably works in a lot of cases.

  2. Thank you Julie, I've very honored you chose my print for this lovely feature! I love Dreams in Pink, so pretty!

  3. Dreams in it. Yours, too, however as I like the peaceful feeling it conveys.

  4. Oh wow! I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of pink but I have made of goal of learning to love it. This series of rosy-hued art has definitely pushed me into "love!" What a wonderful eye. My favorite is the pink background with the beautiful yellow flowers.


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