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29 April 2010

Mellow Yellow - Friday Features

Gentle curls of yellow flower petal catch the morning light on this calla lily.Yellow is sunshine. It makes me think of summer and fresh flowers. In Japan it represents courage and in India peace. It is joyful, perky, and attention grabbing as well as hopeful, laid back and relaxing. Today's collection is a delicate mix of soft yellow items. Enjoy each one and while you are visiting you may wish to listen to "Mellow Yellow" by Donovan. Have fun!

yellow summer neck scarf

dragonflies on a yellow background

white rose greeting card set

white feather earrings

black and white photo of hands holding a yellow leaf

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  1. What a cool post, Julie. Beautiful mellow yellow! I'd write more but am keying with one hand because my cat is asleep on my left arm in my lap.

  2. The scarf looks like lots of individual ropes. Cool. :)
    Love the earrings...once upon a time, I would have had to have'em.
    The hand/leaf photo makes me wonder what the person is thinking of. I always love the splash of color on a black and white.

  3. Beautiful collection of yellows! Thanks so much for including my photograph in this group! :)

  4. are so sweet, Julie! Thanks for including my Plein Air cards in your lovely collection! I am mesmerized by those bugs and love the leaf in the hands!

  5. Beautiful collection, Julie! The Plein Air cards are a favorite.

  6. White rose notecards...ah, yes.

  7. What a stunning collection, Julie!

  8. They are all wonderful but love the leaf in the hands photo!

  9. I love the variety in your beautiful Mellow Yellow Friday Collection! Each item is so unique, great pictures!

  10. Yellow is auspicious - They say.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Thanks Julie! What lovely photos!


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