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02 May 2010

Smile Big

Julie Magers SoulenI have often wanted to compile a book of silly crazy photos that I have taken over the years on cross-country road trips. However I have not been that organized and most of them were with film and tossed in a box somewhere. But I did come up with a few that I found amusing. Is it just me?

Old school bus becomes OSU fan bus called Big Woody
Big Woody
An old school bus is transformed into an Ohio State University fan's tail gate dream celebrating the Buckeye's coaching icon, Woody Hayes. Crawford County, Ohio

Church with Open Sunday sign
Open Sundays
An old church decides that advertising is a good thing by hanging a banner stating, "Open Sundays." Port Angeles, Washington

Tombstone of Lust
Death of Lust
The sun sets in a small country pioneer cemetery while Lust sleeps for eternity. Now where is Greed, Envy, and Pride? Seneca County, Ohio
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A door perched high up on a wall seemingly going nowhere
Door to Nowhere
A door perched high up on a wall seemingly going nowhere stops one and begs a question; why? Fort Collins, Colorado.
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  1. Fun photos indeed! That first step out that door is a doozy!! ha! And look at you smiling and laughing playing with those pups ~ how fun!

    Sometimes the best photos are so unexpected!
    Take care,
    xo Catherine

  2. It's not just you - they are all great and make me smile. And you are absolutely adorable! :)

  3. Love your unusual photos!

  4. We just saw a church sign yesterday that made me laugh: "Now open between Easter and Christmas!" Your photos are fun, Julie--love the one of you and the dogs!! :)

  5. I'm so glad you posted these. They're all wonderful images, and that's a great picture of you! :)

  6. really good pics and you dont only have one theme like just nature or just animals- your very versitile- im loving your blog, its still my favorite since i started blogging

  7. Catherine, you are right about that first step. Still don't know why there is a door two stories up on a wall.

    Allie, you are so sweet, but I'm not so sure that I'm adorable. lol

    DA858550, what a lovely comment! Thank you very much!

    Thank you everyone! I am happy that I brought some grins to you.


  8. AnonymousMay 03, 2010

    silly crazy photos ???
    I say: One of the best photographs because it makes us think about the shown picture/s.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. That bus is funny! Thanks for all the smiles today!

  10. Great photos! Love the door to nowhere picture :)

  11. these are fantastic...real smile makers!

  12. I love all of these, especially the Lust and Door to Nowhere one. It's like you're meant to find all of these gorgeous things to record! How much you want to bet that people walk under that door without noticing it?

  13. My favorite is the one of YOU! But, I do like all of them very much!

  14. Very cool photos! Very nice photo of you too!


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