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27 May 2010

June 2010 Free Wallpaper Calendar

June 2010 free wallpaper calendar, Colorado Service RoadHere we are on the cusp of the sweet month of June. The high country of Colorado will be mostly open to travel once again and I can not wait to get up to the "rare air" and shoot some scenery! But first I will be traveling back east to Ohio to take care of some family business. I will be gone until sometime the week of June 7. In the meantime, please accept your free June 2010 wallpaper calendar. See you soon in June!

June 2010 free wallpaper calendar, Colorado Service Road

download your free desktop wallpaper calendar for June 2010 here

Easy Instructions
After clicking on the above link
you will be at my Flickr page. Simply click on
"Download the Original size"
at the top left of the page.
The file will then download to your desktop!

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  1. and a beautiful June calendar it is. thanks for sharing it with us. hope you have a safe trip to Ohio. have a great day.

  2. How perfectly lovely, Julie! We'll miss you very much and will think of you with each visit to our computers! Safe travels, dear.

  3. This is a beautiful one- thanks, Julie!

  4. Oo, nice...go, Julie! Have a safe journey to Ohio!


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