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09 June 2010

Firehouse Architecture - Alpine Hose No. 2

Old western firehouse in Georgetown, ColoradoHello! It's great to be back home in Colorado. We accomplished what we needed to do in Ohio and made time for some family reunions too. The drive was long, roughly 1300 miles one way, but we made it in record time even though we had a mechanical failure in Iowa. Seems our truck does not like moisture so I'll be staying closer to home in the semi-arid climate of the West for now.

This black and white photo of a historic firehouse was taken in Georgetown, Colorado. The old white clapboard, straight lines of the front facade, and bell tower caught my eye as a storm was brewing. In fact, we had to dash for cover shortly after I shot this photograph because of lightning. We were about a block away from our car and I heard the car alarm go off right after a close strike. Our car's security system has not been the same since! It tends to go off at the most awkward times. I hope you enjoy my new photo, Alpine Hose.

Old western firehouse in Georgetown, Colorado
Alpine Hose
A black and white photo of a historic white clapboard firehouse with a bell tower in Georgetown, Colorado holds its western charm.
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  1. Julie, nice perspective looking up into the dark clouds, the tower really towers too - fantastic! Peace, Judi

  2. Amazing subject and photo, Julie. Glad you guys got safely inside before the storm. Lightning can be sooooo dangerous, does the weirdest things and causes oddisms! Well wishes for your vehicle.

  3. Love how they used to stencil on buildings in the old west--this is great in b&w, Julie.

  4. 1300 miles one way! Gosh ~ what a trip! It's always such a good feeling to get home isn't it?

    Fantastic photo!

    xo Catherine

  5. i'm sure you're tired after such a long trip but, i'm glad you're back home safe and sound. equally glad you had such a good time visiting.

    your photo is great. thanks for sharing a bit of western charm with us. have a great night/ weekend.

  6. Wonderful capture, Julie!

  7. Hi,
    what an awsome photograph! I love the use of black and white, and the angle at which you shot this photo gives it a dramatic feel! Great job


  8. I love this shot, beautiful in Black & White!


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