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30 June 2010

July 2010 Free Wallpaper Calendar

July 2010 Wallpaper on Monitor

Sunflowers rustling in the hot blast of a high plains summer breeze. Tall golden grass flowing in gentle waves like an inland sea. Cloud streaked sky building into the promise of afternoon rain. Hazy distant mountains beckoning the adventurer to strap on heavy boots and pack only to disappear in the folds and valleys of rock. All these things say July to me. What says July to you?

July 2010 Wallpaper Calendar
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  1. So beautiful! thanks for sharing it! ;)

  2. Cherries in season at the supermarket, purple coneflowers in abundance in the garden, and fireworks after the baseball game on July 4. But thanks to the new desktop background, I'll now also think of misty mountains and sunflowers!

  3. How lovely, Julie! Instead of our local farmer planting sunflowers he planted no sunflower pics this year from moi. I'm enjoying yours so very much!

  4. Thank you, Julie! The sunflowers are warm and inviting! A perfect place to be lost!

  5. what an incredible view. you live in such a wonderful place. full of photographing opportunities.


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