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04 July 2010

Golden Hillside

Yellow flower covered hillside with pines in fog.The day was cool and misty. It suited my temperament and put an extra lift in my step. The scent of pine enveloped me and stole my attention from everything else for a moment. Then, as I gazed down the hillside, a sprinkling of yellow flowers had seemingly appeared in the instant of my attention. I had to get close to the earth and take in their beauty in a gulp. The fog crept closer and the trees beyond the little mountain meadow started to disappear into the mist. I felt small sitting in the dirt with my mouse view. The world shifted and I was suddenly no one and everything all at once. Nature once again stole me away.

Yellow flower covered hillside with pines in fog.
Spring Gold
A grassy hillside is sprinkled with late spring blooming yellow flowers and the majestic pines in the background are shrouded in a misty fog.
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  1. It looks magical! A meadow from a fairytale!

  2. Lovely, Julie! What a magical place. I'd love to have gone walking with you and the dogs. :)

  3. Beautiful, must be something to be in that mist living it.

  4. that's beautiful. i can't imagine getting lost in the moment anywhere else. hope all is well.

  5. the mountain meadow in Twilight. :)

  6. Lovely post,Julie, you really recreated the moment for us and the picture is beautiful!

  7. Fog is one of my favorite things to shoot. Pitty we don't get it often in this part of Florida!

  8. Beautiful photo - love how the mist came through!


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