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18 July 2010

Water Tower at Sunset

Old water tower with sunset glow in frame.Traveling in the American midwest you find many abandoned warehouses, factories, and old water towers. There is a reason this area of the United States is called the "Rust Belt." It is a vision into a past when America was the world's leading producer of goods. I remember that past and feel saddened by the direction our country has taken. But all that aside, I love the interesting rusty beauty of these old structures. I hope you enjoy my latest in this series from my Ohio trip. If you love to look at photographs of old water towers you should check out the work of my friend, Gary Heller. He has some fantastic shots of old water towers in New York City. Enjoy!

Old water tower with sunset glow.
Water Tower
This old water tower with a golden sunset painting its rusty surface with an orange glow is found in Bucyrus, Ohio.
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  1. I like this contrast- sepia against a mono background...

  2. the evening light really illuminates this water tower nicely. i love this picture. hope all is well.

  3. Beautiful tones, especially the late day light on the rust.

  4. Julie, I love your latest work. There is something magic about the light in all the new pieces. It is completely intangible!

  5. Amazing light. I love old, rusty stuff, too. Is sad about why it's forgotten but you've captured it well for us to enjoy.

  6. Julie, I love rusty old things! There is just something charming about them! Beautiful colors on the tank.

    Happy travels!

  7. AnonymousJuly 20, 2010

    These remind me of when I was over there! You don't get rusty old water towers over here, plenty of old warehouse though. I don't know why but I just love that stuff. Great photos.


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