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07 July 2010

Stepping out of My Steel Box

Steel faced building in blue clouded sky.

If you are familiar with my work then you know I tend toward natural images found in the Western USA. Today I am stepping out of my comfort zone. You might think I took this photo in a major city, but in fact, it was taken at a rural interstate rest area in Wyoming. It is what my eye saw when I looked at that reflective steel face shining like a beacon in the sun. Let me know what you think.

Steel faced building in blue clouded sky.
Steel Box
A wedge shaped building with a face of reflective steel shines in a blue cloud filled sky.
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  1. Interesting photo, Julie! I wonder what that box was? The photo looks simultaneously industrial and rural, which is son intriguing to me.

  2. Love the angle on this Julie!. Keep on steppin'...

  3. Good to get outside the box...this has a nice mix of organic and man-produced. Good choice to make it vertical with 90% sky/clouds.

  4. Nice composition!
    Have a nice week...

  5. Love the way the picture is tall and narrow. The addition of all that sky gives it that rural feel! Love it!


  6. I like the coloring (not sure if that is the proper photography term).

  7. Beautiful! I love clouds, looks like it was taken on a nice day!

  8. industry vs. nature...very cool shot! My dream is to take a road trip similar to yours!


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