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12 May 2010

Verdant Spring

Framed close up of yellow green flowerIt has been a long winter in the Colorado Rockies. But the earth is awakening slowly. Tiny snow drop flowers the size of a baby pea are usually the first to emerge from the blanket of pine needles. Along the dirt road I see tough little dandelions with their buttery yellow flowers. Unlike a suburban home owner I welcome the cheery little blossoms that pop up where ever a cow has munched and walked. This bright little succulent with its chartreuse colored flowers was the only bit of color along a stretch of road on a morning walk a few days ago. I do not know what it is called but the brilliant bright color stood out as a harbinger of spring in the mostly dull brown landscape. So I decided to call it "Verdant Spring". Has she finally arrived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado?

Apparently not. I woke up this morning to almost a foot of heavy wet spring snow. The grape hyacinths of a couple days ago are totally covered. But the snow will be melted in a few days, and they will again poke up their royal blue blossoms. Cheers!

An exotic yellow green succulent flower.
Verdant Spring
A macro photo of an early spring succulent with exotic looking yellow green flowers is one of the first plants to emerge in the northern Colorado Rockies.
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a wild yellow green succulent flower
Here is a look at the entire plant. Does anyone know what this is?

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  1. Julie, I will have to ask my friend who sells that succulant.. all I know is, it is gorgeous in person and is drought tollerant...

  2. Julie, I have a plant w/flowers similar and this might be in the euphorbia family.. I will let u know asap

  3. Chrissy, thanks so much!! I couldn't find it in my wildflower book, but it may be in my Western weeds book. I'll check that too.


  4. Well, all of her plants are either from Mexico, africa, New Zealand...will let u know

  5. It's really pretty, Julie, like green clouds. It reminds me a little of hens and chicks, but I don't think that's what it is. I'm still looking. Lovely image.

    Euphorbia mysrintes.... :-)

  7. Sara spelled it wrong:

  8. Lovely photos,fabulous shades of green. We can buy this as a garden plant here, I had it once but sadly it didn't thrive!

  9. Thanks for the detective work Chrissy!

  10. Beautiful,beautiful,beautiful!

  11. great picture and thank you. I have been searching for the name of this plant and finally found it from your site.

    1. Happy you found what you needed! Thanks for stopping by Chris.

  12. Thank you! great picture. I have been looking for the name of this plant. There is large plant in bloom in the park behind my house that I have been photographing. I finally found the name through your site.

  13. great picture and thank you. I have been searching for the name of this plant and finally found it from your site.


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